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Do you Need a Bankruptcy Attorney or you Can File on Your Own?

You do not have to wait for the final straw on the camel’s back for you to proceed to file for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is the second top-rated legal suit that comes second to criminal law and family law when it comes to court cases in Fresno, and pretty much anywhere else in the world today. You can always file for bankruptcy without a lawyer, after all, you are broke how do you even afford to pay a bankruptcy attorney in the first place?

The process, however, gets complicated when you are dealing with any form of secured debt as it means dealing not just with the court but also with your financing partners. Secured debt means you will have to deal with your creditor first to reach an agreement whether or not it would be wise to redeem the asset attached or you can get a reaffirmation agreement. The negotiation skills of a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney and their wise counsel will come in very handy in such a case scenario.

When you decide to file on your own without an attorney, be advised you will need to be very knowledgeable when it comes to chapter 13, property that is supposed to be exempted from the court and more importantly be in a position to prepare a chapter 13 draft. At the most basic level, drafting a chapter 13 means providing necessary details of your income and expenditure, property, creditors and all your financial transactions in the last couple of years. This is where you get hands-on personal attention and easy access to a bankruptcy attorney who will work and walk with you to make the burden a little easier than it already is.

How do you settle on the right chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys to work with? Should you choose based on the advert you saw on television, or call that telephone number you have memorized for the past couple of weeks on the billboard that looks down on you on the highway? Should you check the internet for online reviews or ask for referrals from family and friends? All these are viable options to help you land the right Fresno foreclosure attorney.

The cost of hiring a bankruptcy attorney should be something you have to put into consideration Considering you are dealing with financial woes, it is always difficult to pinpoint the actual cost of working with a bankruptcy attorney as there are several determinants to the same. In general, you should expect a flat fee rate from your chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, who may probably go up slightly higher should you be filing for bankruptcy as a couple. In other words, the complex the matrix, the higher your bankruptcy attorney is likely to charge for their services.

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