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Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services to Prevent Fires.

Hood cleaning is the process of cleaning fans, vents and exhaust areas in commercial kitchens. The process is done since these areas accumulate grease over a long period. The accumulation of grease happens due to the constant cooking that takes place in commercial kitchens. Accumulated grease can cause fires if not wiped away in time. Grease removal and cleaning is done by people who are equipped with the skills of cleaning. Plumbers are also required during the hood cleaning to ensure that the water pipes are controlled and to also manage the usage of water. Hot water is used to remove the grease, and this too should be handled with caution to avoid scalds and other accidents. The first process in the cleaning is by scrapping off the grease from metal walls of the exhaust system. The removal of grease by scrapping might not be needed in the case where the grease has not accumulated. Caution should be taken when dealing with pipes adjacent to electricity switches to avoid fires and other accidents. Scrapping of grease makes the process of cleaning easy as it provides a lighter surface to work on. The process of hood cleaning also involves the use of detergents and washing chemicals. The chemical content of the detergents and cleaning agents used must be mild and not harmful to human beings and food.

The cleaning of a restaurant’s grease exhaust system should be done in regular intervals. The frequency of cooking and the type of food prepared in the kitchen determines the intervals that should be taken before cleaning. Hood cleaners are equipped with the knowledge to undertake the cleaning process perfectly. The main purposes of kitchen hood cleaning in restaurants is done to prevent fires that accumulated grease can cause. Kitchen hood cleaning also enhances food hygiene and cleanliness in a restaurant. Cleaning also involves the use of hot water under very heavy pressure. Pipe surface are subjected to hot water pressure that helps to expel the grease from the walls of exhaust pipes. The mixing of hot water and caustic chemicals is a method used to help in quick removal of the grease.

Proper disposal of the grease removed should be done by the hood cleaners to avoid environmental pollution and the risks of clogging of other pipes and outlets in the commercial kitchen. The cleaning skills are obtained through undergoing formal training of cleaning necessary for the work they do. Companies that provide the commercial cleaning services always employ kitchen hood cleaners. The kitchen cleaners are then deployed to various workstations as per client request of service. Domestic kitchens can also do cleaning.

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Why not learn more about Exhaust?